Camp Eden Woods is Located in Haliburton Ontario. The site was originally called Elephant Lake Lodge. It was established in 1935 and was a popular place for families to vacation while fishing and hunting. The family camp tradition offered activities in during the day and then a black tie dress dinner in the evening.
In the 70’s the family camping became less popular but the Lodged was still popular for hunting and fishing.

In 2012 the Elephant Lake Lodge was converted to a children's camp when Camp Eden arrived. Although all the building on the property were built between 1935 and the 1960’s , Camp Eden has renovated all the buildings extensively and all cabins are now boasting excellent living conditions including brand new washrooms and showers in all cabins. Each cabin has between 10-16 beds. 


  • Beside the traditional cabins , there is also a  main lodge. In the lodge there is a  fully equipped professional kitchen run by a full time onsite  chef. In the main lodge there is a large dining hall , where the children will have 3 meals a day. 
  • We have an onsite Laundry room with washing machines and dryers. Staff will be responsible for the washing and folding.
  • We have a fully equipped “Sick Bay”. All medicine will be administered by our onsite medical staff member.