Our Program consists of minimum 3 weeks to 4 weeks of leadership camp plus one week of travel across Ontario.
A leadership program is an essential part of a child’s up bringing. Our campers have a unique opportunity to realize their full potential. The program is a perfect setting to nurture their ambitions. While setting goals for them selves and making sure that they achieve them. 
Our activities are inclusive of projects that require team building skills. These skills are an integral part of every persons success. 

-Developing leadership skill through challenges and outdoor activities.
-Developing social skill through setting goals and achieving them.
-Problem solving and decision making under pressure
-Team building and community participation.
-Positing role modeling
-Responsible thinking
-Sustainable building
-Work ethics
-Realising their Ambition
-Reaching full potential
-Make friends for life
-Create lasting memories.

** For safety , the staff sleep in cabins with campers
*** Campers are required to refrain from using phones and technology. They are encouraged to communicate with their families by writing letters.